4 Types of Vaginal Discharge That Call for a Trip to the Doctor

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There are a few things that every woman has in common, and vaginal discharge is one of them. A majority of the time, discharge is perfectly normal and healthy. Sometimes, however, you may notice a different color or consistency in your discharge that may also have accompanying symptoms. Being able to tell the difference between… Read more »

Comparing Combination and Progestin-Only Birth Control Pills

Birth Control in Rochester, NY

For women seeking contraception, there are a lot of options on the market these days. For those who wish to avoid hormones, there are products like condoms, diaphragms, gels, spermicides, and copper IUDs. If you’d prefer to go the hormonal route, you have pills, shots, patches, hormonal IUDs, rings, and implants. Even among each option,… Read more »

Tips for Getting Your Doctor to Take You Seriously

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When you’re experiencing new or chronic unexplained symptoms, your first instinct (hopefully) is to head to the doctor. After all, we’ve been taught that doctors are healers and caregivers who are dedicated to restoring and maintaining our health. With their extensive education and medical experience, what reason should you have not to trust that they… Read more »

4 Tricks to Help You Remember to Take Your Birth Control Pill

Alarm clock next to birth control pill pack, reminding you to take your pill on time.

For decades now, the birth control pill has been the most popular form of contraception among women. The pill is a great option for many reasons: it’s convenient, affordable, offers additional health benefits, and is 99% effective when used correctly. The key though is that last part—using it correctly. In order to provide full protection… Read more »

6 Ways Stress Can Affect Women’s Health

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It’s no secret that stress can affect your health. Think about it—how do you feel when you start to get overwhelmed? Your heart probably beats faster, your stomach might churn, a tension headache may set in, and other physical symptoms likely manifest. Women are even more likely to feel stress symptoms than men, and the… Read more »

What’s the Difference Between a Breast Ultrasound and a Mammogram?

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When it comes to any kind of cancer, early detection is key. This is especially true for breast cancer, which has a 93% or higher five-year survival rate, and more available treatment options, when found in its early stages. The even better news is that the breast cancer screening tools we use today are highly… Read more »

It’s Time We Stop Believing These Myths About Women’s Health

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Women’s healthcare has come a long way in the last few centuries. Doctors no longer diagnose women with “hysteria” when they exhibit things like chest pain, infertility, trouble swallowing, or simple emotions. Chainsaws are no longer used to cut out sections of a woman’s pelvis if she’s struggling to give birth vaginally. But although we… Read more »

4 Alternative Menstrual Products If You’re Sick of Tampons & Pads

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Most women would agree that the whole period thing gets old pretty quickly. Of course, this has a lot to do with the cramps, fatigue, bloating, other uncomfortable physical symptoms, and overall inconvenience that goes along with menstruation. But another annoying aspect of having a period is having to constantly shell out money for menstrual… Read more »

What Is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

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Physical therapy is a common, well-respected, and effective treatment for a wide range of different ailments. The goal of physical therapy is to relieve pain, increase strength, and restore normal function to parts of the body that have been affected by injury or disease. You’ve probably heard of or know someone who has gone through… Read more »

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: What’s Normal & When to Seek Help

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Monthly periods can be an incredibly different experience for every woman. Some women are blessed with quick, light periods that hardly affect their life at all. Others deal with painful cramping and heavy bleeding that often disrupt daily activities. A lot of women fall somewhere in between. This disparity in periods between women can make… Read more »