Pregnancy Dating

may calculate the gestational age of your pregnancy


is performed for everyone to “date” the pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion

may be performed for any patient up to 13 weeks of gestation. A suction machine is used. IV sedation is available.

IV Sedation

is a combination of pills taken before a procedure, and then medication injected into the vein just before the procedure, to promote relaxation and pain relief.

Laminaria Placement

may be done the day before a surgical procedure to dilate the cervix.

Medical Abortion

is an effective means of causing abortion for pregnancies less than nine weeks by taking medications, which avoids surgery.

Gynecology Exams

for women’s health

Birth Control Options

are ways to initially prevent pregnancy

The Morning After Pill

is medication taken within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

Well-Woman Care

includes pap smears, mammograms, infertility treatments and more.

South Avenue Women’s Services provides women with knowledgeable, confidential, compassionate care using the latest medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. Services, medication and procedures are available for preventative women’s healthcare, to date and measure pregnancy, prevent pregnancy and eliminate pregnancy safely and comfortably.

There are multiple options available to women who have an unplanned pregnancy. South Avenue Women’s Services provides procedures to assist women during their pregnancy and to help decide what options are best for them. Ultrasounds and gynecological exams during pregnancy or after an abortion procedure are used to confirm the health of the patient and identify any complications. If the patient decides to use medical or surgical abortion, South Avenue Women’s Services staff will explain the procedure, any risks involved and any steps the patient may need to take before or after. South Avenue Women’s Services provides medical abortion through the use of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical abortion with sedation available.

South Avenue Women’s Services provides compassionate, confidential care at every step. Learn more about any procedure and service online or call to speak with staff member and make an appointment.