IV Sedation

Women having surgical abortion may have IV (intravenous) sedation. Our Rochester, NY IV sedation regimen consists of two parts:

  • A half-hour before the procedure we give patients—via mouth—10 mg of Valium, a potent anti-anxiety and relaxant medication.
  • Then just before the procedure, we administer 50 mg of Demerol intravenously. Demerol is an efficient narcotic pain medication.

The Valium potentiates the Demerol. Women will find their anxiety reduced, and the pain of the procedure much diminished.

Our IV sedation regimen is not general anesthesia. Women are not asleep for the procedure. They will be sedated, but awake and responsive. They are able to talk, and even walk. Their judgment and motor skills, however, will be impaired.

After the procedure, patients must remain under observation for at least 15 minutes before they leave.

A responsible adult, family or friend, must accompany women receiving IV sedation.

  • They cannot drive or operate machinery for one day after receiving IV meds, which is standard post-procedure for various abortion methods.
  • Patients should not take the bus or walk home. We strongly advise against this.
  • We suggest that a friend or family member drives the patient home where they should rest for several hours before resuming regular activities.

The risks of IV sedation are slight due to the dosage and manner that we employ. Respiratory depression should not occur at these dosages. However, one could be allergic to the medications. There could also be bruising at the site of injection.

Most insurers will not cover this service, so cash payment may be necessary. For those prospective patients interested in abortion methods in Rochester, NY, as well as Western NY and other surrounding areas, please call us at 585-271-3850.