Birth Control Pills

Family planning helps to make your future and your relationships more secure, and contraceptives are now reliable, safe and easy to administer.

South Avenue Women’s Services offers birth control pills in Rochester, NY, to help you plan for your future and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Maintain your independence and safety by finding birth control pills that work for you.

Birth control pills are among the most reliable and effective contraceptives available.  South Avenue Women’s Services also offers affordable options in birth control pills and gives you medical assistance and expertise to help you find the right prescription.

When taken properly, birth control pills have a reported 99.9% efficacy rate in preventing pregnancy.

Birth control pills may also help to relieve menstrual pain, acne, premenstrual symptoms, heavy periods other common problems when taken properly.  When taken once a day at the same time each day, birth control pills are one of the safest and most reliable contraceptives available.

Prevent unplanned pregnancies with simple and effective contraceptives.

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Birth Control Pills