What Are the Common Causes of Miscarriages?

Friendly doctor holds patients hand after helping her through a miscarriage.

The first question many couples and single people ask themselves after experiencing a miscarriage is why? There are countless reasons why you may have a miscarriage in your life, and most of them are beyond your control. In many cases, particularly with early miscarriages, it can be hard to determine what went wrong. You have… Read more »

7 Health Benefits of Hormonal Birth Control

Health Benefits of Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal birth control is one of the most effective and convenient methods available for women who want to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The pill is the most common and popular form of hormonal birth control, but there are a few other contraceptive options that use hormones for pregnancy prevention, including certain IUDs, implants, and the patch…. Read more »

Top Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Avoid Teen Pregnancy

Side view of a sad pregnant teen sitting on her bed after checking a pregnancy test with a dark light in the background

Believe it or not, parents and close adult relatives can do a lot to reduce the risk of their children becoming teen parents. Maintaining strong, close relationships with children and teens, setting clear expectations, and communicating honestly and often about important matters should be regularly practiced. Here are some of the top nationally recognized tips… Read more »

What to Expect at Your First OBGYN Appointment

Woman at her first OBGYN appointment

If you are scheduling your first gynecological exam, you probably have many questions running through your mind. It’s normal to be nervous for your first visit to the OBGYN, but there is no reason to be scared. It’s important to make a yearly visit to your gynecologist to stay informed and get the right treatment… Read more »

The Best Foods to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

Woman eating yogurt in bed to improve her vaginal health.

Your diet plays a big role in your vaginal health. Eating unhealthily can lead to an unbalanced pH level and bacteria down there, but if your diet is rich in healthy foods, they can promote good vaginal health. What you eat can help keep your vagina in top shape by easing cramps, fighting bacterial infections, and alleviating dryness…. Read more »

How to Discuss Abortion with Your Partner

Woman discussing the option of abortion with her partner

An unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult, emotional experience for a woman. You may feel scared, confused, and uncertain about how to move forward. Approaching your partner about the situation can be especially difficult if you’re thinking about terminating the pregnancy. Bringing up the possibility of abortion with your partner or informing them that you’ve… Read more »

Yeast Infections: Everything You Need to Know

Female reproductive system, the uterus and ovaries scheme vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection

Yeast infections are common. A healthy vagina contains bacteria and some yeast cells, but when the balance of bacteria and yeast changes, the yeast cells can multiply, causing itching, swelling, and irritation. If you’ve had one before, you can typically spot the initial symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection right away. They are painful, itchy, and can… Read more »

4 Common Myths About UTIs

UTI diagram showing all the parts of your urinary tract and where you can get an infection.

Dealing with a urinary tract infection (UTI) is not easy, especially for women prone to recurrent infections. These infections can occur in any part of your urinary system, including your kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra. The typical symptoms are burning pain with urination, urgent and frequent urination, and pain above the pubic bone. It is… Read more »

Treatment Options for Endometriosis

Endometriosis awareness month

With March being Endometriosis awareness month, it is important to have a proper understanding of the disease. Endometriosis is a disease of the female reproductive system. It happens when the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, causing pain, irregular bleeding, and sometimes infertility. One in ten women of childbearing age have this disease, but it… Read more »

How Does an Abortion Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

New tampon waiting to be used after an abortion procedure

Medical and surgical abortions are low-risk procedures that can safely and effectively terminate pregnancies. That said, many women have questions about how their menstrual cycles might be affected in the aftermath of an abortion. During a medical abortion – in which the pregnancy is terminated using a combination of two pills – it’s normal for women to… Read more »