Compassionate Care

Though based in the Rochester, NY area, South Avenue Women’s Services takes pride in providing support and coverage to the surrounding areas as well. This includes Syracuse, NY and all of the Western New York area. For close to 40 years, we have exhibited unparalleled patient compassion and abortion privacy.

Abortion is a sensitive issue for everyone. This is especially true for any woman seeking to have a medical abortion with dignity and compassion. Dignity and compassion is what we provide. This is a difficult time for you and we do all we can to help you through this experience.

A Safe Experience

We provide an experience that is completely safe. Whether you require surgical or non-surgical abortion services, our emphasis rests on safe abortions. We must do this procedure according to established medical protocols. We have the experience to complete your medical abortion safely.

We also focus on security. Because medical abortion is such a sensitive issue, we are located on the campus of a busy hospital. Those seeking our private practice abortions are indistinguishable from other hospital patients, visitors and employees. We have put these security measures in place so that you will always be safe.


Even more so than with other medical procedures, medical abortions require the utmost in confidentiality. NY (be it Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, and so forth) pregnancy termination is between you and your healthcare professionals. We have trained every member of our staff to maintain your privacy. He or she is acutely aware of the sensitive nature of our services. We always require proper authorization before divulging any information over the phone. Of course, we are also in full compliance with all laws and regulations governing confidentiality issues.

Services With Compassion

In the end, you need compassion during this difficult time. While our professionalism and experience with providing gynecology services is necessary from a medical standpoint, they are also necessary from a human standpoint. This is a personal issue.

You can rest assured that each member of our staff will help you in a non-judgmental, compassionate way. Whether you have questions, concerns, or any needs, each member of our staff is here to help see you through this challenging experience. We are here to serve you and our experience allows us to understand that you require compassionate assistance now more than ever, and compassion is what you will always receive with our medical abortion services.

This is a difficult time for you. There is no getting around that. Choose South Avenue Women’s Services for caring, compassionate medical abortion services. At a time like this, what you need is a compassionate, non-judgmental private medical practice to see you through.

We provide the safety, security, and compassion that you need. We are here for YOU. You are not alone.