Pregnancy Dating

When dealing with a pregnancy, it is important to be precise and confident in your knowledge of the fetus’ age.

European Protestors Fight for Women's Reproductive FreedomSouth Avenue Women’s Service offers pregnancy dating, so you can be sure and plan accordingly.

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What is Pregnancy Dating?

  • The most accurate way to determine the gestation age of a pregnancy, pregnancy dating is an ultrasound exam that allows your doctor to estimate how far along your pregnancy is.
  • In addition to learning how far along you are in your pregnancy, you will also be able to find out the number of fetuses and gestation sacs, detect a heartbeat, and even see if there are any unusual or concerning features of your uterus.

During a pregnancy dating scan, a transabdominal transducer is typically used to take a closer look inside of a woman’s womb. However, if the pregnancy is in the very early stages, South Avenue Women’s Services may also opt to take a transvaginal approach to detect the presence of a fetus.

Why is a Pregnancy Dating Scan Performed?

South Avenue Women’s Services recommends pregnancy dating to all women who believe they may be pregnant.

We will often ask a woman to undergo pregnancy dating service in Rochester when there are questions about her most recent menstrual cycle. If you are unsure of when your last period started, you have irregular periods, or you think you may have experienced implantation bleeding, pregnancy dating can be used to determine if you are pregnant.

The sooner you are able to have a pregnancy dating done, the more accurate the results from South Avenue Women’s Services will be.

  • In general, the best time to have an ultrasound done is somewhere between 8 and 11 weeks after implantation. A fetus can grow quite quickly after that, and it may be difficult for pregnancy dating service in Rochester to be 100 percent accurate.

At South Avenue Women’s Services, we know that many women have questions about the pregnancy dating process, and we are always here to talk through the answers to those questions with you.

If you suspect you might be pregnancy, it is important to find out for certain as quickly as possible. To schedule a pregnancy dating test with South Avenue Women’s service, please contact us by phone at 585-271-3850.