Elective Abortion in Rochester, NY

We know abortion isn’t an easy choice, but sometimes it’s the right choice. At South Avenue Women’s Services in Rochester, NY, our licensed professionals are here to help you make that choice, and then provide you with the information you need to determine which procedure is right for you and your situation.

Once you’ve decided to go through with an elective abortion, the next step is to determine which type of care will best meet your needs—medical abortion or surgical abortion. We are committed to taking care of our patients through every step of both abortion processes with compassion and discretion.

Medical Abortion in Rochester, NY

Medical abortion works best as an early solution to unwanted pregnancy. This procedure will take place within the first nine weeks of your pregnancy, counting from the first day of your last menstrual period. Our professionals at South Avenue Women’s Services will be able to determine how far along you are with a vaginal ultrasound exam at your appointment.

After going over your options and signing the consent form, you will be given a dose of the mifepristone pill to take by mouth. You will be sent home from your appointment with a dosage of the second medication needed to complete your medical abortion—misoprostol. We will include detailed instructions for how to use this medication to carry out the final step of your medical abortion in the comfort of your own home.

For comprehensive instructions regarding medical abortion aftercare, you may refer to our online aftercare guide for this procedure. You may also call a member of our medical staff at any time to answer questions and address concerns. Our care does not stop when your appointment is over.

Surgical Abortion in Rochester, NY

If you are too far along in your pregnancy to terminate medically (or prefer a surgical option), we will provide you with one of two surgical abortion procedures. The surgical process will be determined by gestation age.

Surgical Abortion for Pregnancies Up to 15 Weeks Gestation

The surgical abortion procedure for pregnancies that are up to 15 weeks gestation will be performed by suction aspiration or vacuum aspiration. Following the insertion of a speculum, a thin tube connected to a source of suction is inserted into the uterus to complete termination. This is one of the safest procedures in common medical practice.

Surgical Abortion for Pregnancies Beyond 15 Weeks Gestation

The surgical abortion process for pregnancies further along than 15 weeks is similar to the aspiration procedure, but requires additional steps to induce cervical dilation before suction and evacuation. During both procedures, a small amount of local anesthetic is injected into the cervix to make the process more comfortable and keep pain at a minimum.

Following your surgical abortion procedure, you will be given the resources you need to complete proper aftercare. Again, our staff is always available to give you confidential answers and compassionate consolation.

When you have a difficult choice to make, you need a reliable support system to go through the process with you. That’s where the team at South Avenue Women’s Services in Rochester, NY comes in. Our medical professionals are dedicated to making sure you remain healthy, informed, comforted, and reassured that your care will be kept confidential during the abortion process.

Contact us online or at 585-271-3850 for more information about our elective abortion services in Rochester, NY. With South Avenue Women’s Services, you are not alone.