4 Alternative Menstrual Products If You’re Sick of Tampons & Pads

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Most women would agree that the whole period thing gets old pretty quickly. Of course, this has a lot to do with the cramps, fatigue, bloating, other uncomfortable physical symptoms, and overall inconvenience that goes along with menstruation. But another annoying aspect of having a period is having to constantly shell out money for menstrual products that are expensive, uncomfortable, and unsustainable.

There is some good news though—period products have evolved over the last several years, and there are now alternatives to the standard tampons and pads women have been stuck with for all of their lives.

Here are some of the best alternative period products on the market right now:

1) Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are probably the most popular and well-known tampon/pad alternative at the moment. A menstrual cup is a silicone cup that you insert into your vagina (like a tampon) to collect menstrual blood for up to 6-12 hours, depending on your flow. When it’s full, you simply dump, clean, and reinsert it. A lot of women love this option for its affordability, sustainability, and ease of use.

2) Period Underwear

Period underwear is exactly what it sounds like: regular underwear made with materials that absorb menstrual blood. These undies are an easy menstrual solution you can just pull on, rewash, and re-wear for several years, if you care for them correctly. They feel just like any pair of underwear and are available in multiple styles and designs too!

3) Menstrual Discs

Similar to a menstrual cup, a menstrual disc is inserted into your vagina to sit and collect menstrual blood. The biggest difference between the two is that a cup sits below your cervix, while a disc sits above it. This means that you can have mess-free sex on your period while using a disc. Discs also offer up to 12 hours of protection, but since most are disposable, replenishing your supply can get pricey.

4) Reusable Pads

If you prefer not to insert anything into your vagina but are tired of going through pads, a reusable pad may be a good option to explore. These cloth pads snap into place on the crotch of your underwear, can be worn for up to 6 hours, and can be washed and reused. Different sizes are available for different levels of flow.

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