4 Tricks to Help You Remember to Take Your Birth Control Pill

Alarm clock next to birth control pill pack, reminding you to take your pill on time.

For decades now, the birth control pill has been the most popular form of contraception among women. The pill is a great option for many reasons: it’s convenient, affordable, offers additional health benefits, and is 99% effective when used correctly. The key though is that last part—using it correctly.

In order to provide full protection against unwanted pregnancy, you need to take your birth control every day, some even at the same time each day. In between your busy life and just plain human forgetfulness, it can be easy for your daily pill to slip your mind.

Here are a few easy tricks to help you remember to take your birth control, so you don’t end up with unpleasant side effects or an unplanned pregnancy.

1) Set a reminder on your phone.

These days, smartphones offer plenty of options for giving your memory a hand. The most obvious option is to set a daily alarm. It can be easy to just snooze it and still forget your pill though, so it would be a good idea to set a second one for 10 minutes after. You could also set a daily calendar reminder or download a reminder app.

2) Keep the pills right in your face.

Storing your pills in a place where you’re guaranteed to see them everyday can be an effective visual reminder to take them. Keep your pack on your nightstand, dresser, kitchen counter, or somewhere else you won’t be able to ignore them. Just avoid storing them in the bathroom, as the humidity and temperature changes from the shower can cause issues with the pill’s effectiveness.

3) Combine taking your birth control with another daily habit.

Routine is the key to consistency, and consistency is key to an effective birth control pill. Make taking your pill part of your already-established daily routine. For example, try taking it after you brush your teeth at night, after you’re done doing your hair in the morning, or with breakfast. Keep your pills in that same area for an extra visual reminder.

4) Write it down.

Physically writing something helps your brain remember it better, like when you would take notes in school. Try writing post-it note reminders to take your birth control pill and placing them on places like your mirrors, fridge, or even the wall next to your bed. Or, you could write down on a paper calendar or in a planner to take your pill everyday and then cross it off when you do.

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