Consent Forms

Pregnancy termination is a procedure that can only be decided by the patient. South Avenue Women’s Services provides women with accurate, reliable information about each procedure so they are aware of the options available and they understand what each procedure entails. Pregnancy termination consent forms must be read and completed before an abortion can be conducted to ensure that the patient understands her options, the details of the procedure, and any risks involved.

Both surgical and medical abortions are procedures with low risks involved. The chances and types of complications are actually lower than those of childbirth. South Avenue Women’s Services doctors and staff are highly experienced and trained to provide the best care during and after the procedure. While medical and surgical abortion is safe and any risks or effects are well-documented, it is important to understand the possible risks involved. The consent forms inform you of the risks involved and any complications that could occur.

Ready the consent forms carefully and initial all statements to show that you have read the document and understand its contents. To make an appointment for an exam, call South Avenue Women’s Services 585-271-3850.