Post Procedure Instructions

Aftercare Procedures & Instructions

South Avenue Women’s Services administers medical and surgical abortion procedures safely and effectively, keeping the patient’s wellness in mind at every step. Detailed instructions provided before, during and after each procedure helps to eliminate uncertainty and ensure the patient is completely informed. South Avenue Women’s Services staff can explain any instructions that are unclear or assist you to make the procedure easier.

Following post-abortion aftercare and recovery instructions will reduce the chance of complications and ensure a full and safe recovery. These instructions are not complex and will not interfere with your daily routine. Both medical and surgical abortion procedures are safe and can be conducted within two to three visits to the clinic. Aftercare instructions detail what is safe to do after an abortion procedure and in what time frame, such as sexual intercourse, exercise and work. Most women can return to their daily routine a short time after an abortion and the procedure will not interfere with conception in the future.

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