5 Factors to Consider When Deciding Which Birth Control Method Is Right for You

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Birth control has come a long way in the last century. A wide range of contraception options are more readily available than ever for many women these days. You can take a pill, get an implant, wear a patch, get a shot, and even choose from different brands and variations within those options. While the… Read more »

Tips for Women Getting Their First Mammogram

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Mammograms are considered an essential screening exam for women’s health. They are one of the most accurate and efficient tools for detecting breast cancer in its early stages, allowing treatment to begin early and be most effective. For most women, they simply provide peace of mind that they are healthy. In previous years, the U.S…. Read more »

Unpacking the Legal Landscape: Abortion Laws in New York Explained

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Abortion is an incredibly touchy subject for many. It can be difficult to find information on abortion that isn’t polluted with biased opinions, so it is important, especially as a woman, to become familiar with the specific laws of abortion in your state. For those residing in the Empire State, let’s dive into the legal… Read more »

The Truth About the Morning After Pill: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Sometimes, you may do everything you can to prevent pregnancy, but something goes wrong; a broken condom, missed pill, or a brief, uncharacteristic lapse in judgment. Thankfully, women can find security and peace of mind with emergency contraception.  There’s a lot of information about the morning after pill, and, unfortunately, that means there’s also plenty of… Read more »

How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD

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Did you know that one in two sexually active individuals will get an STI by the age of 25? This fact is not intended to scare you but to normalize discussion around STDs and end the stigma for those living with them. STI awareness week falls on the second full week of April and provides an… Read more »

Choosing an Abortion Clinic: How to Find a Safe Provider

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Finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant can be a freighting experience. Determining that abortion is right for your situation can be equally difficult. Through this stressful and emotional journey, you will need the support of medical professionals you can trust. All abortion clinics are different, depending on where you live and how they operate. Choosing one… Read more »

How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

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Birth control pills have a long history and are one of the most popular forms of contraception today. They are safe, reliable, and an easy way to prevent pregnancy and help with other issues women suffer from, like acne or heavy periods. So, how do these tiny magical pills manage to impact our bodies so… Read more »

5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Trip to the Gynecologist

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Visiting a new doctor for the first time can be a little scary since you don’t know the physician or what to expect at your appointment. Seeing a gynecologist for the first time can be even more intimidating for young women. As a woman, you must keep up with your reproductive health throughout your lifetime—a journey that… Read more »

How to Support Someone Having an Abortion

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When someone decides to terminate a pregnancy, they can face a lot of judgment and guilt from society and even people close to them. It can be an isolating experience that reveals who your true supporters and loved ones really are. Discussing abortion with your partner can be difficult if you choose to do so, and explaining… Read more »

Long-Term Options for Birth Control

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Choosing the right birth control for you is an important decision. With the wide range of options for women today, it is best to schedule an appointment with a certified OB/GYN to answer your questions. Before attending your appointment, take some time to explore the different birth control options available to prepare for your discussion with… Read more »