Types of Birth Control [Infographic]

When it comes to choosing a form of birth control, there are many different types to consider and a multitude of factors that will affect the decision you make. From prescription options like oral contraceptives, patches and IUDs to over-the-counter options like condoms and contraceptive sponges, the choice can seem a bit overwhelming.

Depending on your lifestyle, beliefs and plans for the future, a different method may work best for you than will for the next woman. This makes it extremely important for each of us to know our options so that we can make an educated, informed decision.

Not sure where to begin when researching your contraceptive options? Get started with the infographic below!

Consider the factors at the top as you read about each of your options, and please contact South Avenue Women’s ServicesĀ at 585-271-3850 with any questions you may have.

types of birth control infographic

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