Study Finds Botox Injections May Relieve Endometriosis Pain


If you’re one of the 176 million women worldwide who suffer from endometriosis, here’s some good news: a new study conducted by scientists at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) suggests that Botox injections may relieve endometriosis pain.

The study found that Botox, best known as an anti-wrinkle treatment, can alleviate symptoms of pain for women whose endometriosis has been unresponsive to surgical and hormonal treatments.

Endometriosis occurs when tissue of the uterine lining grows elsewhere in the body, which can cause excruciating pain and muscle spasms.

The study examined thirteen women ages 21 to 51 who have been diagnosed with the disorder and who had been in pain for at least two years. Eight of the women reported their pain as debilitating, meaning that it interfered with daily activities such as walking, sleeping, standing, sexual intercourse and personal care.

The women had the botulinum toxin (the active ingredient in Botox) injected into their pelvic floor, which supports the pelvic organs. The Botox shots targeted sites of pain and muscle spasms.

Four to eight weeks after treatment, all thirteen women reported that their pain had lessened. Eleven of them rated their pain post-injection as either mild or completely gone. The pain-relieving effect lasted up to 11 months in seven of the women, who were studied for up to a year post-injection.

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