Pregnancy termination and the holidays

At South Avenue Womens Services of Rochester, we understand that the choice between parenthood, adoption, and an abortion exerts much mental, emotional, and physical energy on the woman, her family and her friends.  This time of the year, it is even worse.  If you know someone struggling with a difficult decision in terms of a pregnancy termination, please keep in mind the time of the year and try to do what you can in lending emotional support.


Christmas is next Tuesday and this time of the year can be extremely rough for women considering pregnancy terminations.  Holidays add a significant psychological toll on women struggling with an already-difficult choice.  Around Christmas and New Year’s, there is so much emphasis on family.  You get it from the media – television, film, and news stations– and other outlets.  So much constant coverage can be a heavy burden on a woman’s heart and mind.


Furthermore, many pro-lifers have taken it upon themselves to sing Christmas Carols at Abortion Clinics.  This Saturday, members of the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago will hit up local-area clinics to bombard women with carols.  This has also happened in Los Angeles earlier this month.  This is damaging to a woman’s psyche on many levels.  If a friend or family member is making a trip to a clinic, be sure to go with her and scout out the area.  No one should have to brave that kind of crowd alone, especially during the holidays.


The holidays can also be a tough time for those who have already terminated a pregnancy.  There can be psychological effects that have gone unnoticed.  Around Christmastime, the media bombards us with images of family and pro-lifers.  This may bring up some dark thoughts.  Again, please be able to lend emotional support and if the situation escalates, consult or counselor or call us at 585-271-3850.

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