Drones for Reproductive Rights

When you think about news on reproductive rights it usually centers on state laws and legislature. Testimonials of both tragedy and success are widely spread around the press to gain awareness on the issue. The link between drones and safely ending an early pregnancy is not a connection commonly made-until now.


A coalition of outside-the-box thinkers called Women on Waves, a non-profit organization located in Europe, are now using drones to transport abortion-inducing medication to those who otherwise would not have access. The upcoming flight is planned to carry these packages from Germany to Poland, where some of the strictest abortion laws are enforced.


After Ireland and Malta, Poland has the most enforced and restrictive abortion laws in Europe. Rebecca Gomperts, Women on Waves founder, hopes to cause a media frenzy by way of this groundbreaking flight. “We’re very interested in the new developments around drones. In a sense it’s a campaign to call attention to the reality for women in Poland. But there’s a future for it as a delivery model. We might do it in Ireland.”


Through this technological advancement, Gomperts hopes to make a more symbolic statement than physical one. While the drone can only transport a limited amount of medication for a few women she hopes that through her and her group’s efforts, to spark dialogue in politicians and advocacy groups across the world.


At South Women’s Services, we are proud of what Women on Waves are trying to accomplish. We also believe that every woman should have the resources and support available to make the choice that’s right for you.


Source: http://thinkprogress.org/health/2015/06/24/3673350/abortion-drone-poland/


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