5 Myths About Abortion

The words Myth vs Reality, circled with red pencil on textured paper

Although modern medicine has come a long way throughout the past few decades, there are still dangerous myths about women’s health that can lead to misinformed and risky decisions. Information on abortion can be biased and inaccurate due to the nature of the topic. There are many conflicting and questionable pieces of information regarding abortion on the internet today.

Here are five myths revolving around abortion that you might discover while researching the topic or deciding if terminating an unplanned pregnancy is the right decision for you.

1.Only certain types of women have unplanned pregnancies

Many people stereotype teenage girls as the most likely to have an unplanned pregnancy and need an abortion, but that is far from the truth. Women of all ages, nationalities, incomes, ethnicities, religions, marital statuses, and occupations have unplanned pregnancies. Even women who are already mothers may seek an abortion for various personal reasons. Unplanned pregnancies are not confined to just young, single women.

2.Women are always in control of whether they get pregnant or not

The idea that fertility is something all women can control blindly assumes that contraception is 100% foolproof and women are always in a position of consensual sex.

No contraception is guaranteed to be 100% effective all the time. Studies have shown that between half and two-thirds of all women who have had an abortion were using contraception when they became pregnant. We also are aware that sex is not always voluntary. Many women seeking abortions have not been in a position where they could freely agree to sex. This may apply to women who are in or outside of a relationship.

3.Women who have abortions do not value motherhood

Many women who are already mothers choose to get an abortion to properly care for the children they currently have. They fully understand the responsibility of parenting and what it would mean to have another child without having adequate resources to support them. It is easier for an experienced mother who has an unplanned pregnancy to fully understand the pros and cons of abortion and make a knowledgeable decision on what is best for her and her family.

Society likes to divide between women who have children and women who choose not to have children. They label women who choose not to be mothers as ‘abnormal,’ which is insulting to women who decide not to parent for various personal reasons. Men’s choices about having a family are rarely judged in the same way, which puts unnecessary judgment and pressure on women.

4.Women who have abortions are harmed psychologically by the experience

Everyone will respond differently to their abortion, depending on many factors, including their family and friends’ support. There is a greater risk of psychological harm when a person chooses to have an abortion but is refused one than if they are provided with timely and compassionate abortion care. Whenever studies are done with women who have gone through an abortion, most people report that they did not find abortion emotionally or psychologically harmful. Although some people find it stressful or difficult in the short term, most cope positively and do not experience long-term problems. Many women can feel a sense of relief and peace after going through an abortion.

5.Adoption is the best way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy

Adoption is one choice people have when facing an unintended pregnancy and not wishing to parent the child. Those who choose adoption should have all the necessary support and resources to ensure they, the child, and the adoptive family can thrive.

To put a baby up for adoption means that the person who faces an unintended pregnancy must carry the baby to term. Pregnancy and birth carry far more risk than a first-trimester abortion. Some individuals cannot carry out pregnancy due to health reasons, work, family situations, or childcare responsibilities. For some, carrying that pregnancy to term can be traumatic. Adoption is an important option for people who face an unintended pregnancy. Still, it is not equivalent to an abortion and is a personal choice that the pregnant person can only make.

As a woman, understanding your rights and options for an unplanned pregnancy is crucial for the health and safety of you and your family. There is a timeline for your abortion options and getting fast and accurate information is necessary if you find yourself in this situation.

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