A Timeline for Your Abortion Options

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In some cases of unplanned pregnancy, women might know that abortion is the right choice for them as soon as their result comes back positive. For many others, it can take longer to determine if abortion is the best solution for their situation.

If you’ve recently discovered that you are unexpectedly pregnant, you may be considering abortion but unsure about how long you have to make your decision. With so many different restrictions across various states, figuring out how soon and how late you can have the procedure can be confusing.

For women considering abortion in New York State, here is the timeline you need to know:

1-9 Weeks: Medical Abortion

Once your pregnancy is confirmed and dated, you can get an abortion as soon as an appointment is available. Up until you’re 10 weeks along, you will most likely have a medical abortion. A medical abortion consists of two pills. The first pill is mifepristone, which you will take by mouth in your doctor’s office or clinic. The second is misoprostol, which you will take home and insert into your vagina within 24-72 hours. Over 90% of abortions in the U.S. are completed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

10-16 Weeks: Surgical Abortion by Aspiration

In your late first and early second trimester, medical abortion is typically no longer viable. Instead, you will have a procedure called suction or vacuum aspiration. This type of surgical abortion is quick, gentle, and mostly painless (save for some minor cramping and discomfort). It will be performed by your doctor in a clinic, doctor’s office, or sometimes a hospital.

16-24 Weeks: Surgical Abortion by Dilation & Evacuation

When you’re too far along for aspiration, your doctor will perform a dilation and evacuation abortion in a clinic or hospital. During this procedure, dilation of the cervix is induced and a combination of tools and suction is used to remove the fetus, placenta, and other pregnancy tissue. D&E is more painful than aspiration, but you will be kept comfortable with local or general anesthetic.  

24 Weeks-Birth: Induction Abortion

An induction abortion is a rare method of abortion used primarily after 24 weeks when D&E is no longer viable. Abortion this far along is only performed in cases where your health is in danger and/or your fetus is no longer viable (able to survive outside of you). For this procedure, you will be dilated, your cervix softened, and labor will be medically induced to facilitate contractions and pregnancy evacuation.

If you think abortion may be the right choice for your unplanned pregnancy, reach out to the medical professionals at South Avenue Women’s Clinic in Rochester, NY. Our caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff will answer your questions, help you make your decision, and provide the abortion services you decide you need.

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