Women’s Services for Canandaigua, NY

woman at OBGYNAt South Avenue Women’s Services, we understand just how difficult it can be to make important decisions when you are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. You probably have dozens of questions that you want to ask, but it can be hard to find someone who has all of the answers for you. Complete a contact form and we will respond to you.

As women’s health care professionals, the staff at our abortion clinic near Canandaigua, NY focuses on offering our support to those women who need it, regardless of what decision they ultimately decide to make.

When you come to us, we will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. We will also respect your confidentiality and show you why women have been coming to our abortion clinic near Canandaigua for more than 35 years now. We are about a half hour drive away and often have same day appointments available.

The staff at South Avenue Women’s Services is trained to handle just about any situation that you may need help with during a trip to our clinic near Canandaigua, NY. Our doctors, nurses and other staff members realize that many women who come to see us are under a great deal of stress and pressure, and we work with them to help them sort through the way they are feeling.

If you come to us and decide to utilize our surgical abortion or medical abortion services, we can walk you through the process first and tell you exactly what to expect. Our abortion procedures are safe, and we aim to keep the side effects associated with abortion minimal for those in Canandaigua, NY who entrust us with their care.

Outside of abortion procedures, South Avenue Women’s Services also offers a range of other professional health services designed specifically for women.

  • From OBGYN services and pregnancy dating to birth control and contraceptives, we are qualified to speak with you about many different aspects of your health.

We have transformed ourselves into one of the most trusted medical resources for women in the region, and we know that you will appreciate the attention you receive at our clinic near Canandaigua, NY. We can help you through one of the toughest times you’ll ever face and be there every step of the way for you.

Would you like to learn more about the abortion and women’s health services available through South Avenue Women’s Services? Please reach out to us at 585-271-3850 today for more details.