Choosing an Abortion Clinic: How to Find a Safe Provider

doctor standing in front of the word abortion spelled out in blocks

Finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant can be a freighting experience. Determining that abortion is right for your situation can be equally difficult. Through this stressful and emotional journey, you will need the support of medical professionals you can trust.

All abortion clinics are different, depending on where you live and how they operate. Choosing one that will provide you with the safe, compassionate, and high-quality care you need before, during, and after your procedure is important.

As you’re considering your options, take the steps below to help you choose the right provider for your abortion.

Stay Clear of Fake Abortion Clinics

Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey upon vulnerable women looking to terminate their pregnancies. These clinics and groups will often refer to themselves as “crisis pregnancy centers” and aggressively advertise under the umbrella of abortion. Usually, these are anti-abortionists who are trying to manipulate you into changing your mind. Call the clinic directly and ask if they provide abortions. Don’t trust them if they don’t give you a straightforward yes or no answer!

Inquire About the Procedure

Once you have verified that this is a legitimate abortion clinic, ask about the type of procedures they offer. The staff at a safe and professional abortion clinic should always be able to provide you with unbiased, accurate, and detailed information about the procedure. A quality provider will want you to be well-informed and feel supported as you decide and complete the process. Call or visit the clinic and ask questions like:

The staff should be knowledgeable in answering these questions and willing and able to give you all the information you request.

Research the Clinic’s Reputation

You can start by looking through their website and reading online patient reviews about their services. Look into their training and experience level if they list any medical providers. Have they been performing abortions for a long time? Is their history unclear? Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you have the time, make an appointment at the clinic before your abortion to get a better feel for the atmosphere. Does it seem clean? Does the staff treat you kindly? They should make you feel safe and as though they actively care about your physical and emotional well-being. If it doesn’t feel right for any reason at all, trust your instincts.

Ensure They Prioritize Privacy

The stigma around abortion makes patient confidentiality a crucial component of a safe procedure. You shouldn’t have to stress about being judged by people in the waiting room or anyone hanging around the clinic’s doors. Observe or inquire where you will enter and exit the clinic for your procedure. Will you have to come back out through a busy waiting room? Is there security in place? A safe abortion provider should readily assure you and explain how they will maintain your privacy.

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