Abortion & Women’s Healthcare Services in Churchville & Chili, NY

Since 1973, South Avenue Women’s Services has been a safe haven for women seeking abortions throughout Western NY. Our doctors are some of the best in their field. Not only do they provide exceptionally skilled services, but they also deliver them with the utmost compassion.

If you need abortion or women’s healthcare services in Churchville or Chili, there’s no more respected or caring practice than South Avenue Women’s.

Abortion Clinic in Churchville & Chili

Abortion is a healthcare service, just like a mammogram or a blood test. You shouldn’t have to stress about your safety, physical or mental, when you need to terminate a pregnancy. Our practice is located on a busy hospital campus with enhanced security. You won’t have to worry about walking by protestors or even anyone else knowing why you’re here since we’re a full-service women’s health provider as well.

We offer both medical abortion and surgical abortion to women in Churchville, Chili, and nearby areas in our facility in Rochester. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way, from deciding if abortion is right for your situation to completing the procedure and handling aftercare.

Birth Control, STD Testing, Gynecology Exams & Other Women’s Health Services in Churchville & Chili

Along with professional abortion services, South Avenue Women’s offers various other women’s health services. For example, we provide many women in Churchville and Chili with contraception counseling and birth control. Our birth control options include everything from the pill and IUDs to the birth control shot and condoms. We can also supply you with the morning-after pill.

Some of the other healthcare services we offer include STD testing, gynecology exams, OBGYN care, mammograms, Pap smears, and infertility treatments. Our well-woman care is just as comprehensive, compassionate, and reliable as our abortion services.

Don’t think you need to make difficult health decisions alone. Reach out to South Avenue Women’s Services for the support and women’s healthcare services you need in Churchville and Chili today!