Abortion Clinic & Women’s Health Services in East Rochester, NY

When making health-related decisions, you should always be able to consult a medical professional without the fear of judgment or fear for your safety. That’s not always an easy resource for women who are considering abortions to find. But at South Avenue Women’s Services, we aim to be that resource for as many women as possible.

We’ve dedicated our practice to ensuring that no woman is alone when faced with a pregnancy she doesn’t want or any other health concern. We offer our abortion and women’s well-care services to women in East Rochester and beyond, so they can feel secure in their health decisions.

Medical & Surgical Abortion in East Rochester

For over 40 years, South Avenue Women’s has been the leading abortion provider in the East Rochester area. Our team is known for their exceptional skill, extensive experience, and compassionate approach to patient care. We offer a safe and comfortable environment for you to get an abortion quickly and confidentially.

Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, our practice can provide a medical abortion—which consists of taking two pills—or a surgical abortion. If you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your visit or procedure, we’re here for you for your entire experience.

Women’s Health Services in East Rochester: Birth Control, STD Testing, OBGYN & More

Beyond abortion, our facility also offers comprehensive women’s health services for all your reproductive and sexual health needs. From birth control and STD testing to gynecology exams, OBGYN care, mammograms, and more, we can take care of any routine or abnormal women’s health issues.

For more information about our confidential, compassionate, and caring women’s health services in East Rochester, call South Avenue Women’s Services at 585-271-3850 today.