Women Services for Aurora & Ledyard, NY

home_picSouth Avenue Women’s Services provides safe, reliable and considerate care for women. Our abortion clinic and OBGYN services for Aurora and Ledyard, New York, help women to make important decisions about their future and their bodies, using the most recent and reliable information and medical technology. Our doctors and every member of our staff are experienced and respectful, keeping your needs in mind every step of the way. We are less a one and a half hour drive from Aurora and Ledyard and in most cases offer same day or next day appointments.

Decisions regarding birth control and family planning are important to your health and your future. Our experts can help you make informed decisions and help you choose the right methods to suit your lifestyle, future plans, current health needs and health history.

Abortion and OBGYN services include:

With pregnancy dating and ultrasounds we can help you get accurate information about your unplanned pregnancy and provide you with information about keeping the pregnancy, adoption and abortion so you can make future plans. If you decide abortion is the right option for you, we can perform medical abortion or surgical abortion as needed at our clinic.

If you are considering abortion, you can learn more about the procedures and after-care instructions online, complete a contact form or call 585-271-3850 talk to an expert.

Make an appointment with us to discuss your options, contraceptives available, OBGYN care and abortion procedures.