Women Services for Alleghany, NY

For over 36 years, South Avenue Women’s Services has been the most trusted abortion clinic and OBGYN services provider for Allegheny and Western New York.

home_picWe provide considerate care that is attuned to your needs and the most modern medical services available. We are located less than a two hour drive from Allegheny and have options for same day or next day appointments.

Our clinic is a safe haven for women requiring medical care and expertise, including:

When you are making important decisions about your body and your future, it is vital you have all of the information you need. We can provide you with important information regarding your pregnancy, adoption and abortion, in an environment that is safe and respectful of your needs.

At our clinic, women can undergo pregnancy dating, ultrasounds, OGBYN exams and other services to assess the pregnancy and make the right decision.

Women who choose abortion can decide between medical and surgical abortion, depending on the pregnancy gestation.

We take great care to protect your safety and your confidentiality. Our clinic is located on a hospital campus and women come to our clinic for a number of services, so you will not face any undue attention.

Call 585-271-3850 for a consultation to discuss options about your pregnancy or to make an OGBYN appointment. Complete a form and we will contact you back.