Women Services for Alfred, NY

faqWomen seeking an abortion clinic and OBGYN services for Alfred, New York, will find everything they need at South Avenue Women’s Services. Located less than an hour and a half drive away with complete confidentiality and courteous service, women feel safe and secure at our clinic.

We have over 36 years of experience in professional medical care for women, and we provide the most modern services, including:

Women have a right to modern care and to know the latest information regarding all procedures and medicines. We provide these services and this information with the greatest clarity, confidentiality and respect.

When making decisions about your body, whether you are choosing birth control methods, considering abortion or something else, it is important to know all of your options and to have the most accurate information with no bias. Our experienced, courteous physicians and staff give you the latest and most accurate information on birth control, abortion procedures and OGBYN exams, so you can make the best decisions. Once you have made your decision, you can receive your medication and care in the safety of our clinic.

Women come to our clinic from across Western New York to receive respectful, compassionate care.

Learn more about our services online, complete a contact form or call 585-271-3850 to set up an appointment.