The abortion law seesaw? Different states, different measures

Abortion law in America is a seesaw, one end goes up and the other goes down. In other words, as one state enforces stricter abortion laws (such as Kansas and North Dakota), a prochoice state will step up to the plate and grant more freedom to women and greater access to abortion providers. Recently, it seems California is that state, slowing down the anti-abortion surge.


In the article, “California Lawmakers Seeks to Buck Anti-Abortion Trend,” Michael B. Marois of Bloomberg writes, “The measure by Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins, a San Diego Democrat, would allow abortions by midwives, physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Atkins said the bill is aimed at women in counties without abortion providers.”


Atkins takes pride in California’s history as a trendsetter, particularly when it comes to health issues, and wants the state to continue in this role. Such forward-thinking is an undeniable part of California’s sunny heart, which is why it is so surprising that more than half of California’s counties have no abortion provider, leaving many women in those counties in the dark with their backs against a wall. Atkins hopes the measure will help these women out, giving them a shoulder to lean on.


Prolife advocates, however, do less than thrilled; many believing Atkins’ measure promotes more abortions by inexperienced people. Inexperience may be the wrong word to choose, as recent research shows that nurse practitioners and midwives are just as qualified to perform abortions as doctors are. What do you think?


While many states are enacting combative prolife measures, shrouding many women in darkness and apprehension, California is doing what it does best: emerging like the burnished sun and illuminating a progressive path.


You can find Marois’ article here.

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