Federal Payments for Abortion Services

Here at South Avenue Women’s Services, we know how important it is to enter the fray in the current battle being waged over women’s rights. For more than 100 years, different parties in our country have debated reproductive rights, and aside from a few landmark victories, it has been a long road for women to earn what is rightfully theirs.


Recently, news out of Washington, D.C., indicates that the current situation may get a little more difficult for women who are facing difficult decisions like abortion. As this article from The New York Times reports, the U.S. House of Representative just passed a measure that restricted certain federal payments for abortion services by a vote of 227 to 188. This includes only one Republican representative who voted no and six Democrats who voted in favor of the rules changes.


Many Democrats, including WNY Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, were very opposed to the outcome, noting that the Republicans who by and large voted for the measure were mostly men. In that context, it’s understandable why many people would be threatened that half of our society, women, have their own reproductive rights decided upon by men who can’t truly understand the issue in the same way.


The battle over abortions goes through political cycles, just like any issue does, but it looks like we may be entering a period of intense scrutiny and bipartisan bickering in the coming year. With the presidential election in late 2015 just now starting to take shape, we’re quickly coming to a time where our nation’s future will be decided for another four years. If abortion remains an issue that divides Congress so deeply along party lines, it’s reasonable to assume that much of the presidential debate would include a lot of the same talking points.


Through it all, South Avenue Women’s Services will be here to make sure that you get the health services you deserve. We think that women facing tough choices should be treated with understanding and compassion. If you want to discuss treatment options, you’ll find caring and knowledgeable professionals here at our facilities.

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